Newsletter Issue 15

Ferncumbe Friday

Friday 5th May 2017

Rowington stone age day

This week Rowington Class took part in a Stone Age Day at school as part of their History topic.

'We worked with the Heritage Trust to develop our understanding of the time period through incredible artefacts and great activities. 

In the morning, we became time travelling archaeologists as we journeyed into the beginning of the Stone Age and through the day, we travelled through the Bronze and Iron Age, all the way back into the present day. We got to look at real artefacts and some replicas from museums across the county. 

In the afternoon, we created a to-scale roundhouse on the playground using signs and cones. We then created a roundhouse of our own. Using quick-dry clay, we also got to create shards of pottery that could have been found by an archaeologist.'

'My favourite thing was making parts of a vase because you got to make it by yourself. I also liked drawing on the vase.' - Evie

'What I liked about about the day is that we got to make pottery pieces. Also, I liked that we got to handle some of the tools and stones.' - Annabelle

'My favourite part was excavating the roundhouse model and making a roundhouse on the playground.' - Katy

'I enjoyed brushing the sand off the model to find the roundhouse underneath.' - Henry

'I enjoyed making the sections of food and sorting them into foods that are hunted, gathered and farmed!' - Robin 

Governor monitoring day

Last Wednesday Governors were in school for the day to carry out one of their regular monitoring visits. They all spent the morning in different classrooms, talking to children about their learning and encountering first-hand the kind of things children experience on a daily basis at Ferncumbe. The focus of this particular visit was 'Pupil Voice'. Governors asked the children several questions to gather pupils' personal views on all areas of school life, from what makes learning interesting and how they are helped to stay fit and healthy to how well children behave and what they, personally, would do to improve the school further. The feedback at the end of the day was very positive. Governors will compile a summary of children's views to report back in the near future.

Good Luck!

Tom Mowl and Sophie Howard have beaten off stiff competition to qualify for the Stratford District Primary Schools Finals Swimming Gala tomorrow evening. We wish them both the very best of luck!


new lunch menu

School Council had a discussion around the new Summer lunch menu last week, and fed back their thoughts to Ms Harris in the school kitchen. They also decided to bring back the choice of a filled baguette on a Friday, rather than a jacket potato.

School Dates

Please do keep up-to-date with important school events by looking at the calendar at the foot of the homepage on the school website. Dates which have recently been added include term and holiday dates 2017-2018, INSET days, class assemblies, Christmas productions and so on. The link is...

class newsletters

Class newsletters have been updated and are now available on the school website under the 'Curriculum' section. and your child's class name.

sports morning, family picnic and farmers' market

You will know from the online school calendar that our annual Sports Morning takes place on Friday 7th July. All parents are warmly invited to attend and support their child/ren taking part. The event will start at 9am. As usual this will be followed by a family picnic on the field and our Summer Farmers' Market in the afternoon. 

On Sports Day all children should come to school in their PE kit, which they will then keep on throughout the day.

Fingers crossed that the sun shines!

With best wishes for a lovely weekend,

Tracey Webb, Deputy Headteacher




Staff Ferncumbe