Wroxall Class



Welcome to Summer Term in Wroxall, Ferncumbe's Year 5 class. We are taught by Mrs White on Wednesdays and by Miss Reid for the rest of the week.

Our topic this term is ‘Settlers and Invaders’ with a focus on the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. This is an exciting opportunity to learn about a significant period in British history.

Enrichment continues to take place on a Thursday afternoon.  This provides pupils with the opportunity to work with other children across the school and to take part in activities such as: Art, Steel Pans, Sewing, Mindfulness and Yoga, Fitness Frenzy and Ready, Steady, Cook.

Please ensure your child has a coat, water bottle and their PE kit in school every day. 


This term we will be working on decimals and percentages, properties of shapes, position and direction, converting units and volume. We will be making cross-curricular links wherever possible and looking at the real-world applications of the maths that we are learning.

Our Big Maths sessions will give pupils the opportunity to develop their problem solving skills as they work collaboratively to complete investigative tasks.

The M Factor challenges remain high profile in school and we will continue to have two sessions a week in class. The first, to practice and develop strategies to help with those tricky calculations and the second as our usual ‘heads down’ session. Pupils have been motivated to improve their scores each week and this is having a positive effect on all areas of maths learning in Year 5. Children must know all their times tables (and related division facts) with ‘2 second recall’, so please help with learning these at home.


This term our Literacy will be linked to our topic of Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We will be using the legend of Beowulf retold by Michael Morpurgo to support our understanding of grammar and inspire creative writing. We will focus on writing detailed character descriptions, producing an information text, writing Kennings and writing in the style of an author.

We will continue to work on improving our spelling, grammar and punctuation, focusing on: Year 5 and 6 spellings, use of relative clauses, modal verbs, adverbs to indicate degrees of possibility, adverbials of time, devices to build cohesion, using commas to clarify meaning and using brackets, dashes or commas for parenthesis. 

Once a fortnight, children will take part in an independent big writing session for the morning. This will give children the opportunity to continue to develop their independent planning, drafting, editing and polishing skills learnt during Literacy lessons. 

This term, we will read Tony Bradman’s ‘Anglo-Saxon Boy’ as a class. This book tells the story behind the Battle of Hastings through the eyes of 15 year old Magnus, son of Harold Godwinson. We will use this fast-paced historical adventure to improve our retrieval and inference skills for comprehension and to enhance our understanding of Anglo-Saxon times. Children are also encouraged to read for pleasure everyday, choosing appropriate texts based on their own interests. 


In RE this term we will be exploring Christianity, thinking about the Kingdom of God and contemplating the question ‘What kind of king is Jesus?’ This will be a thought-provoking series of lessons, requiring pupils to consider different interpretations of biblical texts studied and relating Christian beliefs to the issues and opportunities in their own lives and the wider world.



In Computing, we will be learning about spreadsheets. We will learn about the importance of spreadsheets and their real-world applications.


We will be continuing our learning about the life cycles of plants and animals this term before moving onto the topic of materials. We will be carrying out lots of experiments, improving a range of scientific skills, from making predictions and accurately recording results to writing a scientific explanation and presenting our findings.


French will be taught one a week.  Where possible, lessons will be linked to our topics this term. The children continue to have contact with their pen friends in the south of France and will learn more about French traditions and culture.  Look out on Twitter for the French word/phrase of the week and please use it as much as possible. 


In our topic we are learning about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We will be looking at primary and secondary sources to understand more about this period in history and learn how archaeologists have pieced together evidence to build up a picture of the past. We will continue to work on our map skills in Geography, reading OS maps which links to our work on coordinates in Maths.

ART and dt

This term our Art and DT will link to our topic of Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Additionally, the class will be participating in the school Arts Focus Week, which includes a trip to Coventry Cathedral at the beginning of July.


As usual, Mathletics will be set every Wednesday, to be completed by the following Monday. A comprehension or grammar task will be set every other week. 

Creative Tasks:

Creative homework will alternate with grammar every other week.


This is of huge importance to all children. Reading for enjoyment every day, alone or with an adult, will not only increase your child’s vocabulary, but improve general knowledge, comprehension and general understanding across all subjects.

Please continue to encourage your children to read at home, ideally daily, but at least three times a week for 20-30 minutes.  They may bring home a book from school, or read their own books. Reading out loud to an adult or being read to, is not only for younger children - pupils of all ages benefit enormously from this. 

Please feel free to come into the office to book a time to come and see us, or send an e-mail via the office if you have any concerns.

We are sure this will be an exciting term, with lots to look forward to! Thank you for your continued support.

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Recommended reading list

It’s important for children to read as much as possible; to enjoy reading; to want to share what they have read with someone else and to challenge themselves to read different authors from different periods of time. In this way the children will build a rich vocabulary and greater understanding of the techniques authors use in their work to be able to apply this in their own writing. Have a look at the document linked below for a list of recommended books for your child’s age group!