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Welcome to a brand new term and to Wroxall Class! This year, the class will be taught by Mrs Foss on Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Grier on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

We are very excited to welcome the children back to a new classroom and lots of exciting new challenges ahead. Please see the link below which shows you our curriculum overview for Year 5 for the Autumn Term.

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We will begin the year with place value, addition and subtraction, which may sound familiar to every year group, but we are building on previous skills and increasing the level of challenge. For example, place value will now involve higher numbers up to a million and Roman numerals to 1000. We will also be asking the children to add and subtract larger numbers mentally, use rounding to estimate or check their calculations and multi-step word problems will be even trickier!

After our brief pause to focus on times tables last term, the M Factor challenges will remain high profile in school and we will continue to have two sessions a week in class. The first, to practise and develop strategies to help with those tricky calculations and the second as our usual ‘heads down’ session. Pupils will be motivated to improve their scores each week and this will have a positive effect on all areas of maths learning in Year 5. Children must know all their times tables (and related division facts) with ‘2 second recall’, so please help to maintain (or develop!) this skill at home.


This term we will be reading Kensuke’s Kingdom, Michael Morpurgo’s wonderful adventure novel. Our independent writing will be based on this novel, but the class will also be studying the fascinating subject of slavery as our class topic. To further deepen their understanding of this period in history, some of our reading skills will be developed by finding out more about this topic alongside finding out about famous people in history who contributed to the abolition of slavery, for example; Harriet Tubman. We’ll also be reading and using a book called, ‘Leon and the place between’ by Angela McAllister and Grahame Baker-Smith and exploring some poetry with a particular focus on reading and performing The Magic Box by Kit Wright.

Of course, there will be all new exciting grammar to learn, to enrich our already amazing writers. Relative clauses, adverbials and parenthesis, to name but are few, are all devices that we will use to add depth and interest to our stories and non-fiction writing.

Spellings in Year 5 will be taught and practiced using our no nonsense spelling scheme. This has a particular focus on the Year 5 and 6 spelling list (see below image) and supports children in developing strategies to learn tricky spellings independently. For example; using rainbow spellings, look, say, cover, write, check, being creative with mnemonics and pyramids and drawings of spellings. Year 5 is very much about developing confidence to apply these skills to read and edit writing independently.

spelling list.JPG


The Kingdom of God is our focus for RE this term. We will study the parables Jesus told about the Kingdom of God and how Christians make connections between these stories and real life, trying to live their life in obedience to God. We will then look at the wider context of our world, the injustices that exist and how Christians try to challenge these and lead good lives in the way that God would want them to.


In Computing, we will be learning how to create games using Purple Mash, Scratch and Lego WeDo. We will develop our programming skills to create one or more educational games or learning activities designed to be used by a younger pupil. The activity will be packaged and evaluated after road testing with real audience members.


Earth and Space will be our topic this term, where the children will learn all about the Earth, moon and sun in relation to one another. How does the Earth move? Why do we get day and night and the seasons? In our usual practical-based investigations, we will learn how to demonstrate the movement of all three bodies in our Solar System. The scientific skills we ask the pupils to develop this year are the hardest they will have met so far. They will need to plan carefully, measure even more accurately and think carefully how to present their findings.


French will be taught once a week on Thursday afternoon by Mrs Brown. This term, the class will be learning all about food and drink, houses and home.


We will be the first class to swim this year, travelling by coach to St Nicholas each Wednesday morning for a coached lesson to further improve our swimming skills. We will also have a PE lesson on a Monday afternoon taught by one of our PE Coaches, Steve. Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school on a Monday. Outdoor trainers are required.


This term, Year 5 are fortunate to have the opportunity to go on a couple of very exciting school visits which will enrich and deepen their learning.

Thursday 3rd October 2019 - Year 5 and 6 are visiting Stratford Upon Avon to watch Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’. This is in preparation for our Spring Shakespeare topic on this famous play. More details to be emailed home soon.

Wednesday 16th October 2019 - Year 5 and 6 to visit Parliament - more details to follow

Thursday 19th December 2019 - Years 3-6 to watch Peter Pan at the Birmingham REP


As usual, Mathletics will be set every Wednesday, to be completed by the following Monday. Due to the quick turn around of homework each week, please ensure this is handed in on time so that we can give feed back on it before the following Wednesday. A comprehension or grammar task will be set every other week. 

Please see the attached home learning information on the link above which includes handing in dates and activities for the creative activities for the Autumn Term. This information is also stuck into the front of each pupil’s home learning book. We encourage the sharing and celebration of creative home learning, so please plan ahead and ensure these activities are completed on time.



This is of huge importance to all children. Reading for enjoyment every day, alone or with an adult, will not only increase your child’s vocabulary, but improve general knowledge, comprehension and general understanding across all subjects.

Please continue to encourage your children to read at home, ideally daily, but at least three times a week for 20-30 minutes.  They may bring home a book from school, or read their own books. Reading out loud to an adult or being read to, is not only for younger children - pupils of all ages benefit enormously from this. 

Please feel free to come into the office to book a time to come and see us, or send an e-mail via the office if you have any concerns.

We are sure this will be an exciting term, with lots to look forward to! Thank you for your continued support.

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Recommended reading list

It’s important for children to read as much as possible; to enjoy reading; to want to share what they have read with someone else and to challenge themselves to read different authors from different periods of time. In this way the children will build a rich vocabulary and greater understanding of the techniques authors use in their work to be able to apply this in their own writing. Have a look at the document linked below for a list of recommended books for your child’s age group!