Shrewley Class


Welcome to the Summer Term in Shrewley Class and we hope you had an enjoyable Easter break! Mrs Eaves is class teacher on Mondays and Tuesdays and Mrs Grier is class teacher for the rest of the week. Mrs Reid will continue to support the class and keep our passion for reading ever-present! Mrs Brown continues to support us on a Monday and a Friday. Ben will continue to keep the class active on Wednesdays.

Fingers crossed for some more beautiful Spring sunshine so the children can enjoy their break times on the field.


In Maths this term, the pupils will be exploring fractions, decimals, area and further multiplication and division. We will be keeping our mental arithmetic skills polished during early morning work and our focus over the coming weeks will be to help the pupils build their times tables confidence so they can move into Year 5 fluent in all their tables up to x12. There is no doubt that a lot of pupils have made great strides thanks to your support at home, so please do read the Times Tables e-mails we have sent home this year, that contain advice and websites, if you haven’t done so already.

We will also be learning the more ‘life-skill’ based topics of money, time, statistics and geometry this term. We would hope that by Year 4 most pupils would already have a good grasp of time-telling and dealing with simpler amounts of money, so do please involve your child in these day to day skills to support their learning in school.


This term we will step into the exciting prehistory era of the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages! This will be reflected in almost all our Literacy work, where we will read about the incredible archaeological findings that have painted pictures for us of this amazing time and we will use our writing to show how the people lived and survived in such a different world.

We will continue to work on improving our spelling, grammar and punctuation focusing on: Year 3 and 4 spellings, use of paragraphs and conjunctions, subordinate clauses and fronted adverbials separated by commas, pronouns to replace nouns, expanded noun phrases and prepositional phrases, inverted commas for speech, apostrophes and our non-negotiables such as: capital letters and full stops.

Once a fortnight, children will take part in an independent big writing session. This may or may not link to the class texts and will give children the opportunity to continue to develop their independent planning, drafting, editing and polishing skills learnt during literacy lessons. 

The children will use the text ‘How to Skin a Bear’ as a focus for their reading. They will make predictions using evidence from the text and identify and discuss how the writer has used precise word choices for effect. We will practise selecting books for specific purposes and explore the organisational features these text types have.


In RE, we will be exploring the Kingdom of God by considering what kind of King Jesus is. The children will explore connections between biblical texts and the concept of God’s kingdom. They will think about the meanings of these text and how Christians put their believes into practice in different ways, including the problems they may face. We will also explore why some people think life is a journey.


In computing, the children will develop their efficiency in word processing and keyboard skills, which include formatting images for purpose, creating effecting layouts and creating hyperlinks within a word document. These skills will enable the children to explore and create blogs and experience online collaboration tools. The children will continue to recognise acceptable and unacceptable behaviour online and explore a range of ways to report concerns about content and contact.



Continuing from last term’s states of matter topic, we will be exploring the idea of melting in the context of the four long ice ages that occurred during prehistoric times. Using STEM skills we will make predictions about melting rates and how to thaw ice-trapped specimens the quickest.

Our main topic during the summer will be Living things and Habitats, where we will study the world of classification and how we group and organsie the millions of species on Earth. We will also look at how changing environments can pose dangers to the living things in that habitat - a topic that is sadly too relevant nowadays and important for the children to understand.

Our trip on 12th June, will be to the Habitat survival Trust in Henley-In-Arden, where we will explore this beautiful riverside environment, listen to a talk from a wildlife expert, identify all the birds, mammals and insects found there and finally spend the afternoon damming the river (temporarily!)


Stone Age to Iron Age will be our topic for the Summer Term. We will learn about this time through our class texts, writing, art and DT, but also through the development of important historical skills. We will use artefacts to gather evidence about daily life, place events on a time line and understand where this prehistoric time fits in with other periods we have studied, use books and photos to gather research and try to understand and appreciate the great changes that took place, shaping the people we are today.


A group of students from Warwick School will lead three PE lessons, on Fridays, at the start of term. This will be followed by Real PE sessions for the rest of term on Tuesdays. In school PE sessions will be run by the Sports Coaches on a Wednesday and focus on small sided games involving tactics and positioning. Children should make sure that they have the correct, named PE kit in school all week including indoor plimsolls and trainers for outdoor use.  


ART and DT

Forest school has provided the perfect opportunity for our Artwork this term as the children will explore Stone Age cave paintings and create jewellery in the forest. They will use natures resources to create paint, sketches, find and make beads for jewellery and use twine as a basis for this jewellery.



French will continue to be taught every week on Monday mornings by Mrs Brown.  


During our Enrichment hour on a Thursday afternoon all KS2 children will have another 6 week taster of mini steel pans.


As usual, Mathletics will be set every Wednesday, to be completed by the following Monday. A grammar task will be set every other week.

Creative Tasks: a homework sheet detailing the creative homeworks will come home during the first week of term, including the dates upon which they will be set.  


This is of huge importance to all children. Reading for enjoyment every day, alone or with an adult, will not only increase your child’s vocabulary, but improve general knowledge, comprehension and general understanding across all subjects.

Please continue to encourage your children to read at home, ideally daily, but at least three times a week for 20-30 minutes.  They may bring home a book from school, or read their own books. Reading out loud to an adult or being read to, is not only for younger children - pupils of all ages benefit enormously from this. 

Please feel free to pop into the office to book a time to come and see us, or send an e-mail via the office if you have any concerns.  

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Recommended reading list

It’s important for children to read as much as possible; to enjoy reading; to want to share what they have read with someone else and to challenge themselves to read different authors from different periods of time. In this way the children will build a rich vocabulary and greater understanding of the techniques authors use in their work to be able to apply this in their own writing. Have a look at the document linked below for a list of recommended books for your child’s age group!