Parent Questionnaire 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

Below is a link to this year’s parent questionnaire. We really appreciate you sharing your views. They are important in helping us identify ways in which we can endeavour to enhance your and your child/children’s experience of being at Ferncumbe.

An overview of your feedback last year and the governing body’s response was included in the second newsletter in May this year. This acknowledged that communication was an area in which you would like to see improvement and, as result, a number of changes have been made or are in progress, including:

· The addition of a further 1:1 parents’ evening in the summer term.

· Further streamlining of communication channels, including a reduction in the number of paper-based communications (this is now largely limited to Friends of Ferncumbe events and   independently-run after school clubs).

· Payments and consents for most items are now managed through SIMS Agora, including trips, school meals and Wren’s Nest.

· InTouch has replaced Parentmail as the route for email and text communications when necessary.

· The school website has been expanded and improved (although is an ongoing work-in- progress), in particular including an advance calendar of key event dates for the full academic year. Further useful information is planned to be posted soon, including information for new users of Mathletics.

Last year many of you took the time to complete the questionnaire and we hope that even more of you will do so this year.  We have considered the comments made about the format and this year have extended the response options to include “strongly agree” and “strongly disagree”. We would however still encourage you to make a short comment wherever possible after the question to give us better insight into the reason for your selection – this kind of specific feedback is particularly valuable.

We look forward to hearing from you,

The Governing Body

N.B Due to a technical error the Parents Questionnaire had to be reissued on the morning of 06.03.18. For those parents/carers who have already given their views, I am afraid that their answers have been lost. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience but please do have another attempt as we really value your views.

Staff Ferncumbe