Newsletter issue 18

Ferncumbe Friday

friday 21st June 2019

lowsonford class residential

This week every member of Lowsonford Class has enjoyed the most fantastic residential trip to Marle Hall in North Wales. From canoeing and rock climbing to the 'B.L.T.' (you will have to ask them!) and coasteering, they all faced every adventurous challenge that came their way with enthusiasm and confidence. Miss Morris, Mr Bladon and Mr Kitney, who accompanied the children, assured me that there was a tremendous team spirit throughout the week. The visit was very welcome for Year 6 after a focused term of work so far, including KS2 SAT tests a few weeks ago. 

Well deserved ice-creams all round after a fantastic week!

Well deserved ice-creams all round after a fantastic week!


On Wednesday 26th June 2019 all children will spend an exciting day in their new class, meeting and working with next year’s teacher.

Headteacher - Miss Morris

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Webb

Hatton Class (Reception) - Mrs Stephenson (EYFS Leader) Mon Tu W and Mrs MacKintosh Th Fr

Haseley Class (Year 1) - Miss Forbes

Honiley Class (Year 2) - Miss Grubb (Years 1-3 Phase Leader)

Rowington Class (Year 3) Miss Reid

Shrewley Class (Year 4) - Mrs Eaves (Mon Tu) and Mrs White (W Th Fr)

Wroxall Class (Year 5) - Mrs Foss (Mon Tu) and Mrs Grier (W Th Fr)

Lowsonford (Year 6) - Mr Upton (Mon Tu) and Ms Houlihan (Years 4-6 Phase Leader) W Th Fr

shrewley class visit the habitat survival trust


On Wednesday 12th June, Year 4 visited the Habitat Survival Trust in Henley-On-Arden. This area of river, meadow and woodland habitat is hidden away, for the use of primary school groups only. In the morning, we followed a trail all around the site, spotting woodpeckers, muntjac deer and all kinds of fungi, plants and insects. Before lunch, we enjoyed a fascinating talk from Penny, a 'bat lady', who showed us some amazing specimens. The pupils were most excited about damming the river after lunch, which they did with a wonderful team spirit, lifting the water level of the river considerably! There wasn't a dry welly to be found by the end. Without a moan or worry in sight, the children were highly praised by the volunteers and should be proud of their exemplary behaviour all day.

Mrs Grier


visit from our link school in BO, sierra leone

Last week we were delighted to welcome a very special visitor to Ferncumbe, Francis Jusu, a teacher from our link school in Bo, to spend a total of four days with us. He was joined on one of the days by John Sandi, a headteacher and OWL co-ordinator and they presented the school with a wonderful banner.

They were able to tour all the classes, speak to children about life and school in Sierra Leone and sample our delicious school dinners. They really enjoyed answering questions about their country and were very impressed by the welcome that they received from everybody, the genuine interest that the children had in what they had to say and the standard and variety of our curriculum at Ferncumbe. They were also looking at what we do in school and at home in terms of recycling and we have shared practical ideas and knowledge about what we can all do to tackle the problems of plastic waste.

They are part of a group of four teachers who are visiting for a total of three weeks as part of One World Link, the friendship link between fifteen schools in the Warwick and Leamington area and fifteen schools in Bo.

Mr Bladon


lowsonford class ‘grow a pound’ challenge

Lowsonford Class are very appreciative of all the support they received both in and out of school for their recent ‘Grow a pound’ project. The final profits are yet to be calculated, but they certainly made their pounds grow! The sale was extremely well organised by Year 6 - and great fun too!


Sports Morning

You will have received an email yesterday regarding arrangements for our Sports Day, Family Picnic and Art afternnoon, which all take place on Friday 5th July.

Please do get in touch with the office if you haven't received the details.

day of the african child


Rowington Class had a fantiastic day at All Saints Junior School, remembering the Day of the African Child. We were invited to 5 different workshops: African Dancing, African Drumming, Traditional Story Telling, Singing and Art. We presented a special ‘Eco Brick’ and photo of our school to our link school in Sierra Leone. Everyone had a wonderful time!

Mrs MacKintosh


debating competition at Warwick school

Last Wednesday, a team of debaters from Wroxall Class represented Ferncumbe at Warwick School in a debating competition. Miss Reid commented on the fantastic efforts of the team, and the accomplished manner in which they all participated and debated with children from other local primary schools. They should feel very proud of themselves.


one million pence challenge

Please do support one of our parents who is fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support by aiming to collect ONE MILLION PENNIES to raise £10,000. School Council have put a bucket for any pennies in the school hall. We would really appreciate any pennies you may collect!

With best wishes for a lovely weekend,

Tracey Webb, Deputy Headteacher

Staff Ferncumbe