Newsletter Issue 17

Ferncumbe Friday

Friday 15th June 2018

friendship focus week

Reception's Friendship Tree.

Reception's Friendship Tree.

As you will have been aware, all children were involved in a wide range of activities related to Friendship last week, culminating in a Friday sharing assembly where each class presented a range of their learning throughout the week. All children reflected on what friendship meant to them and the important qualities they specifically looked for in a friend. Other children discussed scenarios where friends may have fallen out, looking at the problem from all sides. Year 6 wrote a Friendship Rap, which they performed for the rest of the school.

Many thanks to all of you who attended the open lesson on Thursday morning - we do hope you found it interesting.

Shrewley's 'Jar of Kindness', which the children will read and celebtrate at the end of term!

Shrewley's 'Jar of Kindness', which the children will read and celebtrate at the end of term!

Rowington worked as a team with a hoop... lots of trust and cooperation in evidence!

Rowington worked as a team with a hoop... lots of trust and cooperation in evidence!

Lowsonford's 'Friendship Rap'..

Lowsonford's 'Friendship Rap'..

moving up day

On Wednesday 27th June 2018 all children will spend an exciting day in their new classroom, meeting and working with their new teacher. In September we welcome Miss Kerri-Ann Grubb to our teaching team as our Year 2 teacher and Key Stage 1 Phase Leader. Miss Crawley, who is well known to the children, will work for two days a week in Year 5, alongside Mrs Steer. 

Hatton Class (Reception) - Mrs Mackintosh and Mrs Stephenson (EYFS Leader)

Haseley Class (Year 1) - Miss Forbes

Honiley Class (Year 2) - Miss Grubb - Key Stage 1 Phase Leader

Rowington Class (Year 3) Mrs Foss and Mrs Mackintosh

Shrewley Class (Year 4) - Mrs Grier and Mrs Eaves (Mr Upton during Mrs Eaves' maternity leave)

Wroxall Class (Year 5) - Mrs Steer and Miss Crawley

Lowsonford (Year 6) - Mrs Webb and Ms Houlihan (Key Stage 2 Phase Leader)

parent questionnaire feedback - message from school governors

Please click through the slides below to read the feedback Governors have written, based on the results from the recent Parent Questionnaire.

Forest school creations

Reception children, Mrs Nicholls and some of our parent volunteers have been extremely busy at Forest School over the past couple of weeks, making special gifts. Mrs Nicholls writes...

'Firstly, the children had to saw the wood, discussing the rings inside and counting them to work out how old the tree was. They then had to drill a hole with a hand drill and leave the discs to dry for a week. Last Wednesday they sanded both sides to make them smooth before finding decorations to glue on, thinking about what would stick on and what wouldn't. Finally, they were varnished with PVA glue, threaded with string and a fragrance applied. A perfect car fragrance for Father's Day.'

Children are only able to go to Forest School if there are enough parent helpers - please do volunteer to help so that your child doesn't miss out!

The wonderful creations by some of our Reception children!

The wonderful creations by some of our Reception children!

message from the friends of ferncumbe


The key fundraising goal for The Friends of Ferncumbe this academic year has been to support the school in investing in new IT equipment to replace old and worn out facilities. It’s been a busy year with new events to add to our existing favourites and a phenomenal amount of support from parents, pupils, friends and families.  But we are delighted to announce that the Friends of Ferncumbe are now in the position to co-fund 20 new Netbooks for the school, some of which have already arrived and are being enjoyed by the children.  We also aim to buy around 8 new iPads, with at least one new iPad going to each class. Further IT-based funding ideas are being investigated and we will, as always, keep you posted.

We wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone for all of your ongoing support.  With your help, the new IT facilities are already making a huge difference to the children and teachers throughout school.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Summer Fete on Sunday 24th June.  Our theme this year is ‘Around the World’ and everyone is really getting in to the spirit, with different year groups preparing their stalls themed around different countries. Gates open at 12.30pm for an afternoon full of games, music, food, refreshments, a steel band, Brazillian dancers….and, of course, football!  We will be showing the match on large screens, so come along and join us.

Many thanks,

The Friends of Ferncumbe.

summer fete - Sunday 24th june

This year the Governors’ stall at the Summer Fete will be recycling a wide variety of high quality items. Contributions for sale are welcomed -  bric a brac, DVDs (music, films, games), other games, toys, books etc.
Please consider items others may wish to have, rather than items you wish to be rid of! A box to drop off items will be by the school gates from Monday norning during drop off time.

grow a £ challenge

Year 6 children in Lowsonford Class would like to thank everyone for their support during the 'Grow a £' challenge this week. Their sale on Wednesday afternoon was a huge success and generated a terrific atmosphere throughout the school. Once they have calculated their exact profit they will let you know. - it's safe to say that their pounds certainly grew!

Mr Whippers', one of the five Lowsonford companies, set up and ready to sell!

Mr Whippers', one of the five Lowsonford companies, set up and ready to sell!

pic 1.jpg

Year 7 Open Evening at AGS - Thursday 5th July 2018 (1).jpg


With best wishes for a lovely weekend,

Tracey Webb, Deputy Headteacher

Staff Ferncumbe